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Supreme Court Rules Cellphones Should be Protected by Search Warrants

Jul 1st 2014
Last month the Supreme Court handed down a ruling that underscores just how important cell phones are in our day-to-day lives. So important, in fact, that they must be shielded from the prying eyes of police officers. The Supreme Court has decided that law enforcement may not search cellphones without a warrant. The ruling was reached unanimously by the court and brings a resolution to a long-standing civil liberties debate with regard to digital privacy.

Steelie Mounts: Put Your Magnetic Personality On Display

Jun 24th 2014

Does your phone slip off the dashboard and onto the floor while driving? When reading reports and emails on your tablet are you looking for ways to prop it up? And what about when you want to show colleagues a web page on your tablet? Nite Ize's line of Steelie magnetic mounts can all solve these problems, giving you the freedom and flexibility to use your device the way it was intended - with ease!

Bluetooth Headset Review: Plantronics Voyager PRO HD

Jun 24th 2014
Looking for an impressive Bluetooth headset with incredible sound quality, powerful features, and reasonable price point? The Plantronics Voyager PRO HD headset redefines hand-free convenience with its built-in smart features. Its Smart Sensor technology makes answering calls easy by transferring audio when you place it on your ear. Take it off and the call will switch back to your phone. Combine this with HD streaming audio, natural sound and superior comfort and you have one of the smartest headsets for smartphones.

Wacky Wireless News: Six Vintage Technology Advertisements

Jun 12th 2014

30 years from now, can you picture advertisement drones buzzing past your apartment window or hologram advertisements popping up on sidewalks? We can (heck, we wrote it)! But rather than pontificating about the future, we'll take the easy road and poke fun at the past.


Apple Announces iOS 8, Will Launch in Fall with iPhone 6

Jun 3rd 2014

Apple unveiled new software updates for its mobile and desktop operating systems on Monday at the Worldwide Developers Conference, adding new features designed to make it easier for enterprise users to roll out new devices. Dubbed iOS 8, Apples new mobile operating system will be available for download in the fall, and will almost certainly coincide with the release of the iPhone 6 which is expected to hit shelves in September.

Leaked Images of the iPhone 6 - New Model Coming September

May 23rd 2014

The iPhone 6 rumor mill has been churning for months, and now recent leaks of components from Apple's factories have given fodder to fans who have developed detailed mockups of the potential redesign of Apple's bestselling device. According to reports from many solid sources, Apple’s iPhone 6 will launch in September and will feature a huge redesign with rounded sides, a thinner body and a larger 4.7-inch display.

Last Call! Get Paid to Upgrade with Plantronics Rebates

May 22nd 2014

As many business owners and managers know, high quality, reliable office headsets are one of the best investments you can make for your business. Wireless headsets keep your team connected even when they leave their desks, boosting productivity and enhancing the customer experience. Now through June 30th, you'll get an even bigger return on your investment by taking advantage of manufacturer rebates on two popular Plantronics headset models.

Reduce Dropped Calls with New Wilson Signal Boosters

May 22nd 2014

While cell service providers always strive to strengthen their signal coverage, weak signal will always plague those of us who are located far from cellular towers or in buildings that don't allow the signal to pass through. Thankfully, there are signal booster kits available that can significantly reduce dropped calls, improve voice quality and increase data speeds. Beginning May 1st, these boosters are now even better!

ibattz Rugged Portable Chargers will Supercharge Your Devices

May 22nd 2014

People that do plenty of traveling or working in the field know the pains of not having enough energy to get through the day. While we could be advising you to get more sleep--- or drink more coffee! We’re actually talking about portable charging solutions.


Wacky Wireless News: The Smart Sock

May 22nd 2014

Wearable technology may have finally jumped the shark. But in true obsessive tech fashion, you can track that jump for calories burned, speed, altitude, distance and foot landing technique. A company called Sensoria has finally released what we've always wanted: a Smart Sock.


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