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Cisco 8831: Enterprise-Grade Conferencing for Any Room

Sep 5th 2014
The new Cisco 8831 Unified IP Conference Phone System provides an audiophile sound experience for conference rooms of any size. Whether you need conferencing capabilities for an executive office or for a meeting room of up to 1500 square feet, you’ll experience clear calls with enterprise-grade features.

CTIA 2014 - Top Tech Trends

Sep 4th 2014

The CAFL Product Team was on the ground in Las Vegas this week for CTIA’s Super Mobility Week, North America’s largest mobile industry conference showcasing the latest accessories from top manufacturers. While we willl be adding new products from CTIA to our catalog in the coming weeks, check out our selections for CTIA's top tech trends.


Wacky Wireless News: Like Seafood? You Will Love These Cases

Aug 29th 2014

There isn't much to say about these Seafood Phone Cases other than, "Huh". We don't carry accessories like these because we aren't the fishy type.



Bluetooth Review: Plantronics Voyager Edge

Aug 14th 2014
The Voyager Edge delivers a host of advanced communication features such as multiple languages and aggressive noise cancellation, making it one of the best high-tech tools for busy professionals on the move.

Wacky Wireless Travels: Where in the World is CAFL?

Aug 13th 2014
Find out where the CAFL Bottle has traveled next!

Guide Your Trucking Fleet with Garmin dezl

Aug 12th 2014

Anyone who spends their workdays on the road knows that getting from site to site can be a delicate balancing act. Between mapping the fastest route, sidestepping traffic, avoiding tolls, and even finding truck routes, you can have your hands full. Garmin GPS Navigation systems do all the work for you so you can sit back and enjoy the ride – stress free!

Otterbox Symmetry Series - Style and Protection Collide

Aug 12th 2014

Otterbox has a long-standing reputation for providing exceptional protection for smartphones and tablets. Many of our customers choose the Otterbox Commuter or Defender Series cases when they want peace of mind that their device will be protected from drops and scratches. But what if you want a case that will express you personal style? You can now have it all – style and protection – with the new Otterbox Symmetry Series.

Get Busy With Polycom VVX Business Media Phones

Jul 18th 2014

Polycom VVX Business Media Phones provide a unified voice and video communication experience for executives, employees, and call attendants in organizations of all sizes. By combining Polycom’s superior audio and video technology with innovative industrial designs and user interfaces, these Business Media Phones improve productivity by simplifying communication processes and business workflows.

Mophie Space Pack Adds Storage and Power to Your iPhone

Jul 18th 2014

Is your iPhone 5/5S filled to the brim with pictures, movies, music, or documents? If so, you're probably craving a little extra storage. Luckily, Mophie has given the iPhone 5/5S just that - 16GB of extra storage via the Mophie Space Pack.


Charge and Secure Your Tablet Fleet Effortlessly

Jul 1st 2014
Managing an army of tablets for your organization is no small feat. Many companies who utilize tablets in day-to-day operations need to keep them charged and locked up when not in use. But charging and securely storing multiple devices can turn into a disorganized mess of tangled cords without the right equipment. Whether you just need to charge a few devices throughout the day or manage a fleet of 40 tablets, you can find the right device at CAFL.

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