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Wacky Wireless News: First iPhone 6 Sold is Dropped on TV

Sep 24th 2014

A young Aussie bought the first iPhone 6 in Australia, but he was unable to secure some accessories for his new purchase.



Secure Your iPad with Point-Of-Sale and Kiosk Solutions from Maclocks

Sep 23rd 2014
Uses for the iPad in the workplace are becoming limitless. Whether as an Informative Kiosk, Digital Signage, or Interactive Point-Of-Sale System, properly securing and displaying this versatile tool has become the new challenge. Whatever your application may be, Maclocks iPad security enclosures will provide your business with the perfect lockable mount solution for the industry's leading tablet.

Declutter your Dash with the Scosche magicMOUNT

Sep 23rd 2014

If your team works from the road, the last thing you want are unsafe distractions from fumbling with phones or wasted time spent adjusting finicky arms on a car mount. With the new Scosche MagicMount, mounting and displaying a phone in the car is as easy as hovering it over the mount and letting it snap into place. While it may seem like magic, the secret is actually magnets.

Universal Styli Options For Your Phone Or Tablet

Sep 16th 2014

With phones becoming larger, universal styli are becoming more popular. They don't leave smudges on your screen like fingertips do, they make it easier to click buttons and links, and they allow for signing documents quickly and efficiently.


Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Announced

Sep 9th 2014

The Apple iPhone 6 has been released and it's available in two sizes - the iPhone 6 (4.7") and iPhone 6 Plus (5.5").



Cisco 8831: Enterprise-Grade Conferencing for Any Room

Sep 5th 2014
The new Cisco 8831 Unified IP Conference Phone System provides an audiophile sound experience for conference rooms of any size. Whether you need conferencing capabilities for an executive office or for a meeting room of up to 1500 square feet, you’ll experience clear calls with enterprise-grade features.

CTIA 2014 - Top Tech Trends

Sep 4th 2014

The CAFL Product Team was on the ground in Las Vegas this week for CTIA’s Super Mobility Week, North America’s largest mobile industry conference showcasing the latest accessories from top manufacturers. While we willl be adding new products from CTIA to our catalog in the coming weeks, check out our selections for CTIA's top tech trends.


Wacky Wireless News: Like Seafood? You Will Love These Cases

Aug 29th 2014

There isn't much to say about these Seafood Phone Cases other than, "Huh". We don't carry accessories like these because we aren't the fishy type.



Bluetooth Review: Plantronics Voyager Edge

Aug 14th 2014
The Voyager Edge delivers a host of advanced communication features such as multiple languages and aggressive noise cancellation, making it one of the best high-tech tools for busy professionals on the move.

Wacky Wireless Travels: Where in the World is CAFL?

Aug 13th 2014
Find out where the CAFL Bottle has traveled next!

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