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Protect Your Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with Rugged Cases

Mar 24th 2015

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is considered one of the best mobile devices on the market today. Its light design and versatility enables either tablet or laptop use, so you can consolidate both devices into one solution. With the option of attaching or detaching the “click-in” keyboard and prompting the kickstand, this device has endeared itself to the corporate world.


Wacky Wireless News: Control Mobile Device with Your Eyes?

Mar 23rd 2015

Ever wish you didn’t have to use your hands to scroll through a long news report or company email on your phone? It might be too cold outside to remove your hands from the warmth of your pockets, or maybe you’re just too lazy to lift a finger. A company called The Eye Tribe recently unveiled a technology that enables eye control of tablets and smartphones. 

Apple Watch Unveiled for April Launch

Mar 23rd 2015

Apple unveiled details about the long-awaited Apple Watch last month, which is expected to shake up  the wearable device market when it hits stores in April. Apple’s version of the smartwatch is basically a wrist-sized version of the iPhone, and allows users to make and receive calls, read emails and text messages, activate Siri and track fitness goals.


New Mophie Juice Packs Provide More Battery Power for iPhone 6

Mar 20th 2015

If you rely heavily on an iPhone for business use, chances are you need more than one full battery charge to get you through the day.  Sending emails, making calls and accessing the internet can drain your battery quickly and leave you low on power. Instead of recharging from a wall outlet, Mophie Juice Pack Charging Cases give you the additional battery life you need anywhere, anytime plus the added protection of a case.

Best Productivity Apps to Kickstart Your Year

Dec 29th 2014

If your new year's resolutions include being more organized or productive, these apps are a great way to get started. From fan-favorites to cutting-edge newcomers, it's never been easier to sketch out an idea, take detailed notes, or stay in touch with your team.


BlackBerry Goes Retro with the Classic

Dec 22nd 2014
If you long for the days of QWERTY keyboards and trackpad navigators, this could be your lucky month. This month BlackBerry launched the new BlackBerry Classic, a smartphone that aims to bring back the satisflying click-clack of drafting emails from your phone's built-in physical keyboard.

Upgrade Your iPhone 6 Style with Brand New Cases

Dec 22nd 2014

The new year calls for new style – and now is the perfect time to update your new iPhone’s wardrobe. Whether you need rugged layers of protection to shield your phone during your work day, or a luxurious leather case that will match your impeccable fashion sense, we have dozens of bestsellers in stock and ready to ship.

Plantronics EncorePro Series Adds Comfort to Your Communications

Dec 22nd 2014

Clear phone calls between your team and your customers is the first step to creating a dazzling customer experience. If your employees wear a headset throughout the day, it’s essential that it’s comfortable. Plantronics' new EncorePro line of wired headsets provide the next level of comfort and design, and continue a tradition of excellence in communication products.

Charge 75% Faster with Quick Charge 2.0

Dec 22nd 2014

Heavy smartphone users know that a drained battery is the biggest enemy of productivity. Tethering yourself to a wall outlet for half an hour to get only a 10 percent charge isn’t always practical for professionals who are always on the move.


Wacky Wireless News: Buckle Up and Fasten Your Battery Belt

Dec 8th 2014
Are you a fashion-forward professional that can't live without your phone? We spotted a new Bond-worthy gadget this week that may be a great phone accessory for the secret agents / phone addicts amongst us.

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