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Leaked Images of the iPhone 6 - New Model Coming September

May 23rd 2014

The iPhone 6 rumor mill has been churning for months, and now recent leaks of components from Apple's factories have given fodder to fans who have developed detailed mockups of the potential redesign of Apple's bestselling device. According to reports from many solid sources, Apple’s iPhone 6 will launch in September and will feature a huge redesign with rounded sides, a thinner body and a larger 4.7-inch display.

Last Call! Get Paid to Upgrade with Plantronics Rebates

May 22nd 2014

As many business owners and managers know, high quality, reliable office headsets are one of the best investments you can make for your business. Wireless headsets keep your team connected even when they leave their desks, boosting productivity and enhancing the customer experience. Now through June 30th, you'll get an even bigger return on your investment by taking advantage of manufacturer rebates on two popular Plantronics headset models.

Reduce Dropped Calls with New Wilson Signal Boosters

May 22nd 2014

While cell service providers always strive to strengthen their signal coverage, weak signal will always plague those of us who are located far from cellular towers or in buildings that don't allow the signal to pass through. Thankfully, there are signal booster kits available that can significantly reduce dropped calls, improve voice quality and increase data speeds. Beginning May 1st, these boosters are now even better!

ibattz Rugged Portable Chargers will Supercharge Your Devices

May 22nd 2014

People that do plenty of traveling or working in the field know the pains of not having enough energy to get through the day. While we could be advising you to get more sleep--- or drink more coffee! We’re actually talking about portable charging solutions.


Wacky Wireless News: The Smart Sock

May 22nd 2014

Wearable technology may have finally jumped the shark. But in true obsessive tech fashion, you can track that jump for calories burned, speed, altitude, distance and foot landing technique. A company called Sensoria has finally released what we've always wanted: a Smart Sock.


Smartphone Kill Switch Will be Standard in 2015

Apr 25th 2014

More than three million Americans were victims of smartphone theft in 2013, according to surveys. When sensitive personal and business information like passwords, addresses, banking data, email and photos are on your phone or device, the theft can have much larger implications than just the inconvenience and cost of buying a new phone.

Microsoft Office for iPad: Build Your Mobile Office in 4 Steps

Apr 24th 2014

After four long years of waiting, Microsoft released Microsoft Office for iPad this month. iPad users can now create and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents directly within an iPad app rather than using less ideal workarounds like web apps or Apple’s less popular word processing apps, Pages and Numbers.

Wacky Wireless News: The PowerPot

Apr 23rd 2014

Have you ever wanted to boil water and charge your phone with the same device? Um, no? Stop lying!

Fast Charge Technology: 0 to 100% in 60 Seconds

Apr 23rd 2014

Smartphones and tablets bring the world to your fingertips – providing nearly limitless access to information and immediate communication. But the main challenge to true wireless freedom is still your smartphone’s battery. What if you could get a full charge in under 60 seconds instead of two hours?


Cut the Cord Clutter with the Trident Qi Charging Cup Holder

Apr 23rd 2014
The annoyance of unsightly, tangled cords can be an issue in anyone’s home or car. Fumbling around for your car charger cable while you're on the road can even be dangerous. With Trident's new Qi Wireless Charging Cup Holder, charging your phone is as easy as setting your coffee in your car's cup holder - just drop it in until you're ready to use it again.

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