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Smartphone Kill Switch Will be Standard in 2015

Apr 25th 2014

More than three million Americans were victims of smartphone theft in 2013, according to surveys. When sensitive personal and business information like passwords, addresses, banking data, email and photos are on your phone or device, the theft can have much larger implications than just the inconvenience and cost of buying a new phone.

Microsoft Office for iPad: Build Your Mobile Office in 4 Steps

Apr 24th 2014

After four long years of waiting, Microsoft released Microsoft Office for iPad this month. iPad users can now create and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents directly within an iPad app rather than using less ideal workarounds like web apps or Apple’s less popular word processing apps, Pages and Numbers.

Wacky Wireless News: The PowerPot

Apr 23rd 2014

Have you ever wanted to boil water and charge your phone with the same device? Um, no? Stop lying!

Fast Charge Technology: 0 to 100% in 60 Seconds

Apr 23rd 2014

Smartphones and tablets bring the world to your fingertips – providing nearly limitless access to information and immediate communication. But the main challenge to true wireless freedom is still your smartphone’s battery. What if you could get a full charge in under 60 seconds instead of two hours?


Cut the Cord Clutter with the Trident Qi Charging Cup Holder

Apr 23rd 2014
The annoyance of unsightly, tangled cords can be an issue in anyone’s home or car. Fumbling around for your car charger cable while you're on the road can even be dangerous. With Trident's new Qi Wireless Charging Cup Holder, charging your phone is as easy as setting your coffee in your car's cup holder - just drop it in until you're ready to use it again.

Wacky Wireless News: The Taze Case

Mar 26th 2014
There’s an app or an accessory for just about everything you can imagine these days – you can track your exercise and sleep patterns, record songs, play Flappy Bird, and share selfies with the world. But what about self defense? What if you need to quickly neutralize a threat and take someone down? Problem Solved. You can now incorporate a stun gun into your iPhone for these unfortunate scenarios.

Parrot MINIKIT Neo Bluetooth Car Kit Review

Mar 26th 2014
The Parrot MINIKIT Neo is the newest Bluetooth Visor Speakerphone in our lineup, packed with high-end features like voice-control, NFC pairing and excellent noise cancelling all in a sleek design that will look stylish in any car. The MINIKIT Neo will even read and recognize the names in your phonebook so there’s no need to take your eyes off the road.

Brand New Mesh Stylus Glides Across Screen Protectors

Mar 26th 2014
While tablets and smartphones provide nearly limitless opportunities for creative and business applications, the challenge becomes overcoming the limits of your index finger. While many remember the stylus as the clip-in accessory of old Palm Pilots and digital organizers, they are once again an essential accessory in a world teeming with touchscreens.

MicroUSB 3.0 – The New Standard Connector?

Mar 26th 2014

It’s not often that we see a brand-new cable and connector type make it to market. But two popular new devices feature a brand new microUSB 3.0 port – and we are sure that there will be more to come.


Apple Certified Chargers - We Have You Covered

Mar 26th 2014

You may have noticed that all of the Apple Lightning chargers and cables on our website are “MFi Apple Certified." What does this mean exactly? And why did we go to great lengths to ensure all of these products are certified? These are common questions and we have the answers for you!


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